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    decreasing client timeout

    alan shields Newbie

      Is there any way I can decrease the timeout for the OIL and/or UIL client's?

      I have a problem that if jboss dies or is shut down my clients will take 15 seconds to realise it's not there (once the connection fails I reroute the messages over a dbms)

      All my clients are on a lan and anything over 2 seconds means it's broken.

      Alan Shields

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Change the ping time.
          Then register an ExceptionListener with the connection.
          When the server fails to pong the onException
          method will be invoked.


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            alan shields Newbie

            Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

            It occurs to me that I may not have chosen the best architecture here,

            Instead of connecting to JMS from the client I could just place my messages in a database and have an MBean check the table and generate JMS messages every 10 minutes or so, I currently do this only as a backup measure as I need the messages to be processed as soon as possible, and I didn't want to have this MBean activating and doing queries every second or so.

            I was wondering whether an alternative might be to have the MBean sleep for 10 minutes at a time but also listen for UDP packets, then have the client send a packet whenever it adds a message to the table, if the UDP packet never gets through the next client's probably will and there is always the 10 minute timeout.

            What do people think?