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    Expired messages hang MDB

    Anthony Newbie

      I've got a client sending loads of NON_PERSISTENT messages with a ttl of 5000 to a queue.

      A simple MDB is listening on the queue. When the queue backs up, a few (about 16) expired messages are dropped. After that the queue depth continues to grow until I stop sending messages. The MDB doesn't receive any messages at all. I expected that the expired messages would be dropped from the queue and new messages delivered to the MDB.

      To recover from this state I have to kill -9 the server.

      What's going on? I can work around this by leaving the ttl = 0 and managing message expiration myself, but I'd rather use the built-in jms facilities.

      Tested on jboss-3.0.6 & jboss-3.2.0RC3; redhat 7.3; jdk 1.4.1_02-b06.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          This looks like a bug.

          I should have this fixed within the next couple of
          days for 3.0.7


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            Uri Newbie

            I'm encountering the same problem as described, and I have a few questions.
            1. When is 3.0.7 going to be released?
            2. Can you please specify more about this problem (after how many messages does it occur, with what expiration time, etc.)?
            3. If I use the workaround suggested i.e. set the expiration time to 0, should I clean the queue once in a while, or is it enough? (I don't really care if some messages hang in the queue, as long as the MDB doesn't stop consuming the messages at all)?