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    The JMS example compilation problem with version 3.0.4 but n

    Soni Newbie

      hi all,
      i am trying the sample examples of JMS( the downloaded documentation-example.zip from the documentation section on www.jboss.org).
      First i tried with Jboss-3.0.4, it throwed many errors on package "javax.management". the errors were showed on java files org\jboss\docs\jms\client\DestinationHelper.java and org\jboss\docs\jms\client\DestinationHelper25.java saying the 'cannot resolve symbol' for the above mentioned package.
      Then i changed the JBOSS_DIST to lower version of Jboss-2.4.1 and again tried compiling the same example set( i am using ant for compilation). For my surprise it compiled without a single error.
      Could anyone please tell me what is the problem with jboss version 3.0.4? In which jar file the class files of package "javax.management.*" exist?

      thx in advance,