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    JBossMQ memory growth

    Nigel Birch Newbie

      I have been running a test where a publisher sends a total of 100,000 messages at a rate of 10 messages/sec to a topic subscribed to by a non-durable subscription. I'm using JBoss 3.0.2 started with -Xmx256m.

      When running this test, memory usage grows and then JBoss stops with an OutOfMemory exception. My settings for HighMemoryMark and MaxMemoryMark in jbossmq-service.xml were 500 and 600. With these settings the CacheStore DataDirector (/tmp/jbossmq) is empty.

      So I set HighMemoryMark and MaxMemoryMark to 140 and 180 as suggested in a previous posting to this group. After this, JBoss did not run out of memory. It's memory usage did rise, but it flattened out at about 184MB, coresponding to the MaxMemoryMark. But did not go down at all after all 100000 messages were sent. The /tmp/jbossmq directory contained MANY message files, and they did not get removed until I restarted Jboss.

      I noticed another posting saying that there was a memory leak in JBossmq that was fixed in 3.0.4. So I am now testing with the jbossmq.jar file from 3.0.6.

      - Is JBossmq 'solid' in 3.0.6?
      - Is it safe to just use the 3.0.6 jbossmq.jar in my 3.0.2 JBoss?
      - How do I determine the best settings for HighMemoryMark and MaxMemoryMark?