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    Does load balancing for JBossMQ exist?

    SM Muk Newbie


      I've looked everywhere and have found no indication of the load balancing facility available for JBossMQ. Just want to confirm if this can be done, and if yes, how?

      What I really need is an MQ replication from the onsite running application to the backup app server - basically a failover. Can this be done for JBossMQ?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Adrian Brock Master

          There is a load balancing IL implemention
          in jbossmqha.jar, but I've never tried it.
          You need a bit more than load balancing for JMS.

          It is possible to use failover to a backup
          machine if all your persistent messages go to a
          shared database.
          This won't work for durable subscriptions
          because the subscriptions are not stored in the db.

          There is no state replication in jbossmq.