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    Using Oracle 8i for Persistence Manager very very slow...

    J Cho Newbie

      Hi, I am using MQ in JBoss 3.0.6 and using the jdbc2 persistence manager to connect to Oracle 8i. The system receives batches of 1000 messages using selectors and transaction. When I was using file persistence manager, the performance seemed pretty good (maybe 20msg/sec). Now when I switch to jdbc2 persistence manager, the system is crawling.. I am seeing about 1msg/sec which is, needless to say dismal. Has anyone used Oracle and seen this problem?
      I have tried 3.2.0beta3 and saw the same problem. The cpu utilization is very low despite the number of messages in the queue. (80% system idle process). It really seems like a configuration problem since it is ridiculously slow (i must have done something equally ridiculously stupid)

      Has anyone seen this or have any idea? Thank you in advance.

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          J Cho Newbie

          After some investigation, I found out that transactional session was the culprit. When I disabled transaction, the speed seemed to be similar to using file persistent manager (with transaction). This is a bummer because in my case using transaction will be very useful, almost essential.

          Has anyone been successful in maintaining high speed with using transaction in jdbc2? If so could you share your wisdom?

          I also found that using rolled log persistence manager is slow as well when the number of messages are large (1000+ simulataneous message with transaction). Is there a way to tune the persistence manager?

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            Elias Ross Master

            I haven't used the JDBC2 PM myself. The file-based PM will be too slow on filesystems such as Solaris's.

            The rolling-logged PM will be slow unless you set "RollOverSize" (an MBean attribute) to something around 400-500 messages. This attribute may only be in 3.2RC2 and later. Also, setting the PM's write directory to a fast disk may help.