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    Odd durable subscription behavior

    Chad La Joie Newbie

      I'm seeing what I believe is some odd behavior from durable topic subscriptions. I'm new to JMS and JBoss in general, so I may just be expecting something that isn't true.

      Here's the scenario:
      1. Client creates a durable subscriber known as "foo"
      2. Close the connection and exit the client VM
      3. Start new VM and create a durable subscriber named "foo".

      The behavior I see is JBoss (3.2RC3 on JDK 1.4) creating a seperate, unique, durable subscriber, with different client IDs. What I expected to see was the subscriber gotten in step 3 to be the same as the one created in step 1. So, I guess, my question is how do I get a client to use an already existing subscription (e.g. if the client had crashed and been restarted)?

      I apologize in advanced if I'm just missing something obvious in the JMS spec about this.