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    Sharing single JMS across EJBs & JMS-RA?

    Paul Bandler Newbie

      Can many MDB instances share the same JMS connection such that there is just one exception handler invoked to handle communication failure and recovery processing with the link to the (remote) JMS server goes down?

      I had thought that the JCA based JMS-RA would help achieve this but I don't see how this can be as all clients seem to have to obtain and hold their own connection handle (and therefore I assume have separate connection exception handlers)...

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          Adrian Brock Master

          The JCA pooling is done at the session level.
          Each MDB does create its own connection.

          It might be possible to share the connection
          providing the meta data is the same, i.e.
          same JMS provider, same user/password/clientid,
          same xa/non-xa, same dlq handler

          If you are interested in trying to
          implement this, the default implementation is
          it is configured using standardjboss.xml or jboss.xml