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    Topic Message availability to MDB after JBOSS restart

    jkarpovich Newbie

      I have the following setup:

      JBoss 2.4.4/Tomcat using JbossMQ

      A topic that various publishers post messages into.

      A MDB that has a durable subscription to the topic.

      If messages are not handled before shutting down JBOSS (ctrl-C, for example - but it could be a machine or hard software failure instead), the messages are not sent to the MDB upon restarting JBOSS.

      Here's what I see when I look in the db/jbossmq:
      - there is a file for the topic/subscriber combination with a .dat1 extension which is non-zero in length. This file exists during the first JBOSS run.

      - a second file is created for the topic/subscriber combination when I do the restart - it has a .dat2 extension.

      So, how can I get those messages to survive across a JBOSS stoppage or failure?

      Also, I notice that the message files mentioned above continue to grow (at least when using a small number of messages) even if the messages are properly delivered and committed (at least I think they've been properly committed). I'm using the rollinglog persistence manager.