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    JMS slow for large TextMessages (3.0.6) plus a fix.

    hofhansl Newbie

      I did some throughput tests with JBossMQ and found a servere degradation with large TextMessages. Looking at SpyTextMessage.java I found that JBossMQ does chunking to work around a bug in JDK 1.3. This chunking is implemented in a way which always makes at least one copy of the entire string when reading *and* writing from/to the stream. In my case I removed the entire logic (I have JDK 1.4), but it is very easy to rewrite the code to do chunking only if the size is > 64K and do not make a copy of the string otherwise. After the change the performance for large strings (20k chars) doubled and in addition the CPU usage dropped from 100% to 7% (in other words it is now IO bound). I can send a fix if somebody wants it, but is it really trivial to fix...