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    Point to Point Messaging Design Issues

    schoeto Newbie

      I am evaluating JBossMQ for a telecom application. Part of the requirement calls for the ability to direct a message to one of up to 1000 client apps or have one of the clients send a message back to a central server.

      The way I read the JBoss documentation there are two ways to do this. I could set up a queue destination for each of the 1000 clients and simply send a directed message. Since the number of clients at any given time will be fluid, this seems like an admin nightmare. Or, I can set up 1 queue and use message selectors to direct messages.

      Is the multiple queue approach feasible? Also, does JBoss do client-side or server-side filtering when using a message selector?

      Running JBoss-3.2.0
      RedHat Linux 7.3
      Intel PIII 850mhz
      512M mem

      Client App:
      Swing app running on Win2k machines

      Tony Schoenbachler
      eOn Communications