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    sending a message over a network

    ajpurkiss Newbie

      I am having a thick moment and can't spot how to tell a client to connect to a queue/topic over a network using JBossMQ.

      In SonicMQ I would just pass the ip address, i.e. factory= (new progress.message.TopicConnection(broker);
      connection = factory.createTopicConnection();

      where factory is a jms TopicConectionFactory, broker is the ip address and connection is a TopicConnection.
      This meant the Topic would be on Server X along with my server code and the client would be on machine Y and each could message the other once pub/sub setup.

      At the moment I am using the example you get with the docs with everything on the same machine (which works so I assume the default is to look on local machine)

      What am I missing?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          You lookup the connection factories using jndi.

          java.naming.provider.url={someotherhost or ip address}

          The connection factories know how to make
          connections back the original server.