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    WebSphere MQ?

    enderx12 Newbie

      I'm trying to get WebSphere MQ 5.3 to work with JBoss 3.2... I've tried just about every recommendation that I could find in this forum, but somehow it's just not working, so I must be missing something. Does anyone have a working config like this?

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          Balaji Venkatraman Newbie

          I need the same help !

          I am trying to Use WebShpereMQ (MQ Series 5.2 ) to connect the as the JMS Provider with JBOSS3.2 .

          As we are migrating the large scale banking suite of System from IBM WebSpehere App Server suite to JBOSS we are struck on this point .

          Kindly help with How to .

          May be it is a good idea to have a MQ-Series JBOSS How to document for easier migraiton .

          Many thanks