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    JBOSS3.2 and Open JMS , Sun One Message Queue

    Balaji Venkatraman Newbie


      < This question is posted out of the common interest of the JBOSS for adaptability and acceptability in the ISV Segment and the IT departments of major organizations . / >

      1. Has any one tested the JBOSS 3.2 with OpenJMS , Sun One Message Queue as the JMS Provider .

      2.My request is since the JMS and MDB is getting more and more popular , we the JBOSS team need to try those JMS Provide and include this config files in the JBOSS4 in the examples directory like the JDBC RA .

      3. Please post your view and the success stories with the Config files on this topic

      4. This will help the Small start ups and ISVs to a great extent .

      Many thanks