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    MDB Cache Problem

    gopx Newbie

      We have deployed a message driven bean to the JBOSS server .The version is 3.0.6 .

      Inside onMessage method ,we are processing the messages .Processing may take 5-10 minutes .

      We are using a BrowseClient to browse the queue .BrowseClient internally uses QueueBrowser interface .

      In the server configuration file ,we are instructing to create 5 insatances of MDB .

      Now we are putting - say 25 - messages to the queue .

      Immeadiately 5 messages will be picked by the 5 instances .But when we run BrowseClient we see only 19 messages .That means 19+5 =24 messages are accounted ,but one message is missing (it is cached some where ) .
      Finally every messages are processed ,but browsing allways miss one message .

      We tried with different number of MDB instances ,and different number of messages in the queueu .

      Can anyone help ?

      thanx a lot in advance .