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    IL Documentation Questions

    John Emerson Newbie

      Two questions wrpt to the IL documentation:

      1) The 307 doc says that the RMI IL should be used when many threads share a connection. I have a multi-threaded app where each thread gets its own sessions but all threads share a connection. Should I do as the doc says and use RMI? I'm currently using OIL and have not seen any problems.
      2) The 307 doc says that UIL2 is the preferred socket invocation layer. But the 3.2 jbossmq-services.xml says its 'experimental' as of 307. I'd like to just change to UIL2 across the board for all connections. Is there any reason why I shouldn't do this?

      Thanks in advance,

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          Adrian Brock Master

          UIL2 is preferred over UIL.
          It is slower than OIL (which is why OIL is the default).
          But there are some circumstances where OIL
          cannot be used because it requires the server
          opening a port on the client (the same is true for

          UIL2 is experimental because it is new.
          It hasn't been used as extensively in production.
          We would like people to use it, to test it.
          It is clearly a better design (less synchronization).