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    Messaging issue

    ajpurkiss Newbie

      After checking the docs and forums I can't spot an actual answer for a question I have.

      I have a queue on a server that my cleint sends messages to however if the connection is lost/not there then it all goes horribly wrong. Before I go and spend money on SonicMQ which I know can handle everything for me can a client be set up with JBoss to keep hold of messages until such time as there is a connection.

      I.e. Client has a form to send to server so sends message to the server queue, however as the connection is down the client stores the message until such time as the connection is back up or the message times out.

      I don't want a work around, I just need to know if it does it and if so how.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          To send messages you need a session.

          You cannot get a session without an active

          So the answer is no.


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            David Jencks Master

            I believe you can do this if you run your client in a vm with a stripped down jboss with jbossmq deployed, and the queue deployed on the client. Obviously this is going to require a bunch of stuff on the client so message persistence works there.

            I don't really see how any solution that allows you to always send messages no matter what state the rest of the system is in can work any differently than this. You need a connection to whatever is persisting the messages, and to make this always available it has to be entirely on the local machine.

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              Adrian Brock Master

              Hi David,

              I think he is asking for "work offline" type behaviour.

              JBossMQ does not support this, even if you
              send the messages to a local persistent queue you
              still need something that will move them to the
              real queue when the connection is available.