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    Its is correctly ? Im be utilize a4j:commandLink to rerender

    Robson Newbie

      Friends, i have a popup that execute the following js function:

      function doAjaxOpener() {

      Him is invoked on click of save button:

      <h:commandButton styleClass="Button" value="Save" action="#{plano.saveFamily}" onclick="doAjaxOpener();"/>

      Then, it´s invoke the commandLink (present on my opener page) that update my datatable:
      <a4j:commandLink id="update_datatable" reRender="data" />
      <t:dataTable id="data"...

      It´s work, no problem!!!! But, it´s a good pratice? I can have future problems?

      -> If the action #{plano.saveFamily} sleep for any seconds.. and later work, my commandLink will ir update my datatable too?

      Thanks very much!