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    JMS SSL IL's

    schoeto Newbie

      I'm evaluating JBossMQ for a project to be implemented at a telecom company. I plan to use JBossMQ to broadcast messages to clients using Pub/Sub messaging and to send directed but unsolicited messages to specific clients using the P2P model provided in the JMS Spec. These two features seem to work as expected and will fulfill our preliminary requirements. However, I need to send some messages in an encrypted form. Is there a way to set up SSL on a Topic or Queue basis so I could have some of my Queues or topics encrypted but not all? Can Queues or Topics be mapped to specific invocation layers?

      Also, where can find an example jbossmq-service.xml file where an IL is configured for SSL?

      Thank you.

      Tony Schoenbachler
      eOn Communications Inc.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          I don't have an example for you,
          but the IL Mbeans can take client and server socket
          factories attributes which can be ssl socket factories.

          I remember somebody posting a similar question
          a couple of months ago in this forum, I can't
          remember whether he posted an example.

          It is more efficient to just encrypt the message
          body in advance.

          The only way to split the queue and topics
          would be to install separate instances of the
          JMS Server. This involves duplicating all the MBeans
          in jbossmq-service.xml with different object names
          and state settings like files and db connections.
          You then link the destinations to the relevent
          destination manager.