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    decrease interval for resending messages

    dhe Newbie


      is it possible to decrease the interval of jboss for his try to resend messages?
      we lost our connection for five minutes and don?t want to pick it up from dlq.
      i found some configurations and thought that i know what?s to configure.
      but nothing changed in behavior and i found no further descriptions.

      we are working with version 3.0.2 and the following is configured:


      <!-- testconfig -->

      i tried to increase the reconnectintervalsec but nothing different happens. the only
      property what changes behavior was maxtimesredelivered. so if i make this higher and i am able
      to decrease the resend interval, we must not look in the dlq.

      what means timetolive? and what reconnec-tinterval is meant? from one mdb instance?

      thanks in advance..