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    questions about design

    jalacour Newbie

      I am designing an event management system that is a lightweight layer on top of JMS. I am hoping to design "event" objects that contain primitive data and properties. These "event" objects will then need to be sent through JMS to destinations, and reassembled at the other end. Now, the data inside the objects is the most important part here.

      My question is essentially this:
      Is it better to make the event objects Serializable and place them inside ObjectMessages for sending over JMS, or to somehow manually encode the objects into MapMessages at the sending end, and then decode them into Event objects at the other end?

      I am estimating approximately 30000-40000 messages per day going through this system, leaving between 2-3 seconds to process each message. In addition, I will be needing to convert the Event objects to and from XML for interoperability. With these things in mind, which approach would make the most sense to you, and which approach would give me the highest performance?