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    Recovering from JMS failure

    Markus Härnvi Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 3.06 (on Linux) and a JMS Queue using file PM.

      If a problem occur in my MDB, messages eventually ends up in DLQ.

      A few times the JBoss process have died with OutOfMemoryException when the DLQ have many thousands of messages.

      When we try to restart JBoss it complains about not beeing able to restore the Queue:
      "Could not rebuild the queue from the queue's tranactions log" (yes, spelled "tranaction").

      We tried to move away the files from server/db/jbossmq/file/QUEUE.DLQ but the transation log seems to be stored somewhere else.

      I have three questions:

      1. Should I use another PersistenceManager to increase fault tolerance? Rolling file? JDBC?

      2. Would an upgrade to JBoss 3.2 help us increase JMS-stability?

      3. How do we clear the DLQ to be able to start JBoss again?

      Thanks in advance for any help!