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    Basic JMS client question

    Bryan Field-Elliot Newbie

      I'm new to JMS (though I've been using Jboss for CMP for a couple of years now). I just bought the JBossBook (307) and am trying to get a grip around building a JMS client and server. But there are some details missing from the examples and narrative in the Jboss book.

      1) I can't seem to find where I configure my client connection parameters, such as the IL to use.

      2) I can't see any server or client configuration information which which encrypt (e.g. SSL) the connections between JMS client and server. Is it possible to encrypt these socket connections?

      3) Several of the server IL's have a ServerBindPort parameter, which if you leave as "0", will choose a random port. How is this useful? It seems kinda important that my clients know ahead of time which port to connect to, and if the server is choosing one at random, that seems like it would be a problem.



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          Adrian Brock Master

          The normal configuration binds the connection
          factories into jndi, you access them via lookup.

          InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
          QueueConnectionFactory qcf = (QueueConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup("ConnectionFactory");

          Most of the connection factories take
          client/server socket factories for SSL config.