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    Message Selector Not working 3.0.7

    Raja Master

      I have a simple queue sender that sets a property on a text message and sends it to queue. The name of the property is "testProp" and the value is "test".

      I have a queuebrowser that browses all messages in teh queue and displays it on the screen. At this point, i do a msg.getStringProperty("testProp") and it correctly gives me "test" As value.
      But when i create my receiver like
      String selectorValue = "test";
      receiver = queueSession.createReceiver(myqueue, "testProp = '" + selectorValue + "'") ;
      Message msg = receiver.receiveNoWait();
      log.info("Message: " + msg);

      my message is printing out a null which indicates it doesnt pick up the message selector value. I have tried doing the selctor with and without spaces. IS my syntax correct?