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    The socket problem on JMS

    platinum Newbie


      I am Hiroshi,and Japanese.
      I am sorry for my not good English.

      We use the JBOSS 3.0.6 on Redhat 7.2,
      and we have the problem of the inclease of
      the socket in JMS.

      When we start up the JBOSS,the number of socket
      is 60.
      But,after put and get the thousands of transacion
      on JMS queue,the number of socket inclease till 150.
      (That sokcets is the internal cominication on JBOSS.)

      These sockets remain in system by the status
      of "ESTABLISHED".

      Why do these sockets remain in system?
      How can we close the socket?

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          Stephane Nicoll Master


          If you are using JMS inside JBoss, you can use the IN VM interceptor. For that use

          "java:/ConnectionFactory" instead of "ConnectionFactory" to lookup the connection factory used to create JMS sessions.

          If you aren't using JMS (i mean JMS client) inside JBoss then check that you explicitely close() your connection.

          The pattern is as follows:

          Lookup the facttory
          create a connection
          create a session
          create a sender
          send msgs
          close sender
          close session
          close connection

          (see the close() method)

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            platinum Newbie


            Thank you for your reply.
            I try your suggetion.