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    Expiration of messages stops

    Volker Pesch Newbie

      Hi, all.

      We use jboss 3.0.4 and a TopicConnection to post messages to an external application. All messages are ObjectMessages and have an ExpirationTimeout set.

      If we do not start the external app, everything works fine for at least a week, but...

      ...after we start the external app it works fine for only for a little while, then the external Listener doesn't receive msgs any more and obviously the MessageQueue on jboss fills up and consumes lots and lots of memory until *nothing* works anymore.

      I don't care about the external prg in first place, I just want to analyze why message expiration on jboss stops, because this slows and kills our server application.

      I know that this is not a very detailed description (btw: we don't get any exception _before_ memory gets low...), i'm just looking for a reasonable starting point for further investigation, maybe anyone else has suffered from this before ;-)

      thx a lot

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          Scott Czadzeck Newbie

          I'm experiencing the same symptoms with my application that you describe. I'm using 3.0.7 though. It appears that the server simply stops sending messages. There are no exceptions displayed. In fact I found you message search for a solution to this problem. Well, maybe someone else will chime in with a solution.

          Scott Czadzeck

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            Elias Ross Master

            Just a guess, but I suspect that 3.2 (CVS) version works better with respect to message expiration. I put a fix in that will expire (when reading) messages from the message queue, which will eliminate JBoss from having to load the whole body from disk. My changes also will expire messages in a background thread, so even if the messages aren't being actively processed (no clients), they get eliminated over time.

            I don't know if you're working with lots of about-to-be (or already) expired messages, or if they just happen to be expiring next year, for example.

            You should explain your situation better...

            If you don't _mind_ upgrading, I suggest you go with 3.2.1, and go with the latest jbossmq.jar from the 3.2 branch.