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    Connection failed

    delboypass Newbie

      We are trying to build an application that can run for extended periods of time so the when we have all the elements such as the initial context queue session, queue ect... which ones of these do actually time out and how do you configure so that they dont time out..

      The problem we are finding is that the system is falling over after we have setup the queue, a writer to the queue and a reader from the queue sometime after it is setup.

      Is there any way to stop these things timing out.

      Any help would be most appreciated or identifying hte elements that time out.

      cheers del.

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          delboypass Newbie

          ANY HELP??

          We are using the jboss 3.0.4 so we are facing the problem that when we lose a connection there is no way of stopping the ping error - lost connection.

          If there is a way of stopping the Ping error on JBoss 3.0.4 can somebody please tell me or a way of catching it without using an Mbean.

          Can somebody also tell me how to stop timeouts once a message producer and a message receiver has been setup. Some time one machine is losing the connection.

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            Stephane Nicoll Master

            use an ExceptionListener to be notified when problmes occurs.

            For the writer : open the session when neccessary (do not leave a JMS session open for hours if you don't use it)

            For the receiver: if you got an exception catch it and in the finally block close / release your connection and try to create a new one