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    Persistence manager, large queues & out.of.memory

    delboypass Newbie

      I have come a cropper with the current system which I am building.

      On one machine I am hosting a queue, on another machine I have a client which is writing to this queue.

      I am trying some load tests so am writing 40,000 messages from the client to the queue.

      This ends up with the client receiving an out-of memory-exception and the same on the client.

      At this stage the queue has a fair few messages in it - about 30,000.

      The problem is that it doesnt seem to recover from this.
      If the server hosting the queue is then shut down and restarted - it shows the out-of-memory exception before completing the deployment.

      This out of memory exception is thrown after/by when the persistence manager is started up.

      What is the setup for the persistance manager. - currently I am writing the messages of the queue to a file so is hte persistence manager still holding a virtual memory copy of hte message as well and how do I stop this action!

      Thanks for the help!