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    Cannot subscribe to this destination: Broken pipe

    delboypass Newbie

      Ive recently come across this new error to my server application:
      Cannot subscribe to this destination: Broken pipe
      (java.io.IOException: Broken pipe)

      Does anybody know how this is generated and more importantly how to recover from it.

      This normally occurs when im using a connection to make a new session after the server has been running for a long time.

      I hope the queues are syncronised so that it is impossible to read and write at the same time or writers complete their job before a reader is able to retrieve.

      Can i have lots of message producers and consumers using the same connection but making different sessions?? I know now that i cant have it so they are all using the same session.

      Ive also notice strange occurances appearing in the:

      db/jbossmq/file folder where my queues have been setup.
      It starts to make new files with numbers like
      : -9223372036853816180 with no bytes.
      Does anybody know why these are created.