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    Durable Subscriber Client ID

    Dennis O'Flynn Newbie

      Is there a way to reuse the client id that is automatically generated by JBoss (ie. ID:51) when reconnecting a durable subscriber? When I attempt to set the client id after creating a topic connection the following exception is throw:

      javax.jms.InvalidClientIDException: clientID is not a valid ID: ID:51

      The exception is throw by:

      Looking at the source, this method specifically checks to see if the new id has the prefix of "ID". If it does, then it throws the exception.

      Ironically, the file conf/jbossmq-state.xml has a durable subscription entry from the original connection. The following is a snippet from that file:


      I can get this work if I define my own client IDs (as long as they do not begin with "ID"). However, I would like to use the client id assigned by JBoss ("ID:51") when I reconnect a durable subscriber.

      Any ideas?