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    Ways to Zen

    Ziphyre Marco Newbie


      Being a newbie to both JSF and Ajax4JSF, I've read a lot of documentation and although not everything is crystal clear yet, I've learned a lot.

      But still, I can't figure out how to update DOM while it involves complex html, not simple reRender values.

      All of the documentation I've read so far has examples for updating simple values, or reRendering available components (like dataTable etc..)

      One of the ways, I suppose, is to use <a4j:include>, but not everything is solvable with this approach, and it sometimes clusters the code.

      Suppose that, there is a div, which I want to fill with some pictures, some links, and some text. I can use a <a4j:outputPanel> and bind the value with a property in a bean. But does it update the DOM on the server? And is this feasible to try to write html in strings in java?

      I suppose there must be a way with UIComponents where I can prepare my module (the content of the div) and inject the content in the div as a response to ajax request?

      Any guidance will be most appreciated.