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    Delaying queue creation until hsql is ready

    speakmon Newbie


      I have a LOT of messages persisted to disk in hsqldb (over 200K), so when JBoss starts it takes a few seconds to load everything from disk. What's happening is that JBossMQ tries to activate the queues and ConnectionFactories before hsql is listening for connections:

      09:18:29,975 INFO [STDOUT] server.properties not found, using command line or default properties
      09:18:29,975 INFO [STDOUT] Opening database: D:\apps\prod\JBossMQ\server\jms\data\hypersonic\default
      09:18:29,975 INFO [STDOUT] HSQLDB server 1.7.1 is running
      09:18:29,975 INFO [STDOUT] Use SHUTDOWN to close normally. Use [Ctrl]+[C] to abort abruptly
      09:18:32,350 INFO [PersistenceManager] Starting
      09:18:43,913 ERROR [PersistenceManager] Starting failed
      org.jboss.mq.SpyJMSException: Could not resolve uncommited transactions.
      (followed by all the nested exceptions, ending with a SQLException "Connection refused")
      09:18:55,756 INFO [STDOUT] Mon Jun 30 09:18:55 PDT 2003 Listening for connections ...
      (this is hsqldb ready for connections, alas it's 12 sec too late).

      Is there a way I can force the queue activation to wait until hsqldb is ready?