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    Pause MDB

    rkbeach Newbie

      Hi All,

      I have an application that consume messages from a JMS Topic via a MDB. At certain times, I'd like to be able to pause the MDB, i.e. stop the container from invoking onMessage(). Once some critical processing has completed, I'd like to unpause.

      Is there a way this can be done, programatically?

      Thanks much,

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          Ronald van Kuijk Newbie

          We've implemented it in the following way:

          - place messages in a queue with a custom property (e.g. status) and give this property a value of lets say 'pass'
          - give the mdb a filter so it only matches this filter (status=pass)
          - if you want to pauze the mdb, put new messages in the queue with 'status=hold'. The MDB wil not receive these anymore
          - if you also want the mdb to not process message that are already in the queue, but with a 'status=pass', make a custom jmslistener that receives all messages and requeue's them with 'status=hold'
          - On a later moment, you can read all the messages with another custom jmslistener (with a filter for status=hold) and requeue all the messages but now with 'status=pass'. The mdb(s) wil start processing them again.

          An alternative we thought of was using 2 queue's. One 'processing-queue' on which the mdb listens and one 'holding-queue'. In this case no filters have to be used.

          If anybody has any other solutions (like really pauzing the MDB's) that is cross-platform (we have to support Bea as an appserver as well) I'd be interested.

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            Weiqing Huang Newbie

            can you not just undeploy the MDB for pause and redeploy it when you need to "unpause"? (assuming it's a durable subscriber of course.)

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              Ronald van Kuijk Newbie

              If you got full control over the app-server I agree, but if it runs at an asp and you have to fill in a from in quadruple, two weeks in advance and then get an maintanance window from 01.00 to 02.00 AM.... naaaahhhh....

              I hope it will become a spec of the new JMS servers, just like the now often proprietary implemented redelivery-timeout etc.