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    Store and Forward with IBM MQ Everyplace

    Nicolas Regez Newbie

      Hi all

      I want to develop a mobile J2EE application able to synchronize its state with a central J2EE server. One option would be to produce a JMS message as part of every transaction that modifies the state of the mobile database, storing that message until the queue provider discovers a connection to the central server when the mobile device is plugged into the local area network. The delivery of the message in the central J2EE server would trigger an MDB, which in turn updates the central database.

      Let us for the moment leave aside all replication conflict stuff and messaging in the opposite direction for synchronization of the the mobile database.

      Has anybody tried to plug IBM MQ Everyplace into JBoss as a second JMS provider with store-and-forward capabilities? Any suggestions, comments on the idea described above, warnings or bad feelings will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.