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    2003-07-11 17:49:30,503 WARN  [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.Metrics

    Robert Morris Newbie

      I've disabled the metrics interceptor in my jboss 3.0.6 standardjboss.xml file but I still get this WARNing message.

      The application works fine though. Its just the only WARNing we get.

      I was wondering how to stop this message from being generated in the first place? What could be the cause (can this interceptor be disabled)?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Just remove it from the configuration in standardjboss.xml


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            Robert Morris Newbie

            Adrian - Thanks for the response.

            I did remove all references to this class in standardjboss.xml and I still get the warning.

            I also searched the contents of all xml files under "server/default" and no references to this class exist but I still get the warnings when our EJBs deploy (deployed from an ear).

            Searching through the source code I did find a reference to this interceptor in jboss-container.xml under /jetty/src/resources/org.mortbay.j2ee and we are using jetty for our servlet engine. Could this be the culprit? It seems like it could be.


            PS. Spell check seems to be broke on the "Post Message" page.

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              Robert Morris Newbie

              Seems to be a small bug in
              src/main/org/jboss/ejb/EjbModule.java near line 837

              We had 2 entity beans that had a reference to the metrics interceptor with metricsEnabled=false but this bug added the interceptor anyway.

              The EjbModel (or the Metrics Interceptor for that matter) fails to prevent the MetricsInterceptor from being included in the interceptor chain even if metricsEnabled is false. It looks like an attempt was in progress (EjbModlue) to get this working but it was left undone (or got busted later).

              Snippet follows:

              boolean metricsEnabled = ((Boolean)server.getAttribute(EJBDeployerMBean.OBJECT_NAME,
              if( metricsEnabled == false && metricsInterceptor == true )
              catch (Exception e)
              throw new DeploymentException("couldn't contace EJBDeployer!", e);
              } // end of try-catch

              String className = null;
              className = MetaData.getElementContent(ielement);
              Class clazz = loader.loadClass(className);
              Interceptor interceptor = (Interceptor) clazz.newInstance();