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    JMS Store not removing acknowledged messages causing slow pe

    Ijonas Kisselbach Newbie


      I've got a JMS-based application where a session bean sends messages to an MDB. These MDB do some work and then send a message back via the getJMSDestination() address to the session bean.

      The messaging works fine, but both the FilePM and the RollingPM creak to a halt after about 25-30 minutes of constant messaging.

      The FilePM method generates over 70,000 individual little files killing off filesystem performance. Whilst the RollingFilePM method generates single files in the region of 700-1000Mb, creaking to halt as JBoss probably can't easily access the file contents via a high-performance index.

      I've checked my code and every MDB message is set to AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE and ever JMS-reply message is instantly msg.acknowledge()d.

      Is this known behaviour of JBoss ? Have I done something wrong in setting up JMS ? How do I clear these messages once they've been processed ?

      Ijonas Kisselbach.