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    MDB Startup

    eblis Newbie

      hi there..
      i am faced with a problem using MDB's.it's like this my MDB's process messages from a remote queue without any problems but when i restart the app server with message queue server still running and with some message in the queue.
      so when the server is still initialising the MDB once deployed will pick up the messages from the queue and give me exceptions.

      i have used depends in my mdb config to wait for one of the ejb's but still i get those errors.
      the unique problem is that if there is one message in the queue the server would start normally and the mdb process the message without any problem but if use more than one message in the queue and start the server i would get the errors.

      my query is it possible for MDB to wait for whole server to start and then pick messages from the MQ.
      i have used depends to wait for some ejbs which mdb requires.

      any help is much appreciated!!.