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    JMS Message Expiration problem

    rkbeach Newbie

      Hi All,

      ENV: JBoss App Server 3.2.1
      OS: Solaris 2.8

      When I send mesgs to a Topic with a mesg expiration time set to 180 milli-seconds, and later on, change the expiration time to 3 minutes, I see that the mesgs (with the new expiration time of 3 minutes) are not being processed (meaning, they are not consumed by the MDB's)...looks like the JMS Server is not processing mesgs if there are expired mesgs in the Topic...

      Previously, I came across some posts in this forum, which indicated that there is a problem with the 3.0.7 version of JB, wherein, if a queue has expired mesgs, it's not receiving any more mesgs...

      I thought that the problem was fixed in 3.2.1....was it not fixed?

      Can anyone help?

      Thanks much,