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    Ajax4JSF A4J and WebSphere Session Affinity

    Robert Patt-Corner Newbie

      1. We have a JSF based web application that uses Ajax extensively, using the Ajax4J framework
      2. In a websphere cluster with one member running everything is relatively happy
      3. In a cluster with two members running seemingly random ajax calls fail along the lines of:

      Message from app but not log:
      warn[20:44:12,015]: No ajax response header

      No log messages in trace

      Here's what I think may be happening ...

      I suspect that the ajax calls coming out of the web page are not, somehow, being included in session affinity and are being more or less randomly (the servers having equal weight) being routed to the original request server and the other server.

      In addition I suspect that the other server doesn't have a full set of information in its session about the objects that are being asked after in ajax.

      This could be because:

      1. The objects aren't in JSF session scope, or
      2. Aren't explicitly serialized

      Does anyone have any thoughts on what a solution might be? Is anyone seeing that A4J calls are handled correctly in WebSphere regarding session affinity? Is this a known issue?