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    jdbc2 persistencemanager + size of hypersonic DB

    Chris May Newbie

      We've recently moved our app. from JB 3.0.7 to 3.2.1, and are noticing some strange behaviour with the new default JMS persistence manager.

      What seems to happen is that every JMS message results in a chunk of SQL being added to the server/default/data/hypersonic/default.script file. This never seems to get cleaned out, and is accumulating (for us) at a rate of tens of MB per hour.

      Messages seem to be being delivered without any problems, though.

      Is this file going to eventually clean itself up? If not, we will run out of disk space after a few days, so that's not good. If it's not going to clean up, is there any harm in our reverting back to the File-based PM ?