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    UIL2 Connection Problems

    jrojas_pb Newbie

      I am trying to connect a client to a JBOSS 3.2 server that is behind a firewall.
      We have already configured the firewall for access to the server via port 1099 and 8093, as specified by UIL2.
      Nevertheless, we are getting connection refused errors when we try to connect.

      Our understanding is that UIL2 uses 2 ports: 8093 and a second port, and it seems that the second port changes every time the JBOSS server is restarted.

      What is the most appropriate way of configuring a firewall so that clients can send JMS messages to the JBOSS server inside the firewall?

      Is it more appriopriate to use HTTP? If so, what should be the appropriate JBOSS and firewall configuration?

      Thank you in advance for your help.