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    Durable subscription from within container

    Steven Segers Newbie

      When creating a connection through the JmsXA toppicConnectionFactory, the username and password passed to the createTopicConnection method do not seem to be taken into account, but rathrer the username and password of the user that is logged in seem to be used when creating a durable subscription. Is there any way to work arround this?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          The JmsXA connection is a frontend to a session pool.

          By default it is configured to login as guest/guest
          in login-config.xml this overrides any parameters you
          send as user/password.

          If you wanted to use your own user/password you would
          have to change the pooling to be ByApplication. Each
          user would then get their own pool.

          I wouldn't recommend doing a subscription using JmsXA
          since the XASession will only be enlisted for as
          long as the transaction lasts (default 5 minutes).

          Why don't you use the in VM factory java:/ConnectionFactory?