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    2 MDB and 2 remote topic

    uuu Newbie

      I have the following problem.
      I've got 2 JBoss instances running.
      In each instance there is a topic and an MDB.
      MDB on instance 1 subscribes to the topic on instance 2 and vice versa.
      I try to connect them through HTTP. I wrote my own JBossMQProveder and it works well.
      But if I start instance 1 while instance 2 is down my MDB fails to connect to the topic and isn't deployed.
      Later if I start the instance 2 instance 1 makes no attempts to reconnect.
      I guess the trouble is that when MDB on instance 1 tries to connect to the absent instace 2
      it's got to obtain a connection factory from that instace(again through HTTP) to fullfill the subscription and it fails.
      Is there a way to get rid of this?
      May be I can use local connection factories?
      Thanks in advance