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    Tranactional consistency problem when low on disk space (Fil

    kelbahi Newbie

      Using JBOSS 3.0.4

      We are using JMS configured with File Persistence. We have a single topic with multiple subscribers. Each publication of a message is saved to the subscribers queue on disk.

      When disk space runs out some messages are partially written to disk, this is because
      the code in MessageLog::writeMessageToFile writes the message out in two parts

      out.writeLong( message.header.messageId );

      When the persistence manager does it's rollback, the partially written message is not deleted.

      Subsequent message publicatinos manage to create more message fragments.

      When restarting JBoss, the MessageLog::restore method attempts to read the partially written messages and encounters an exception. As a results, the JMS persistence service cannot be restarted.

      I have implemented a work around which creates a temporary file until the entire message is persisted,
      and filters out these temporary files when the message queue is restored.
      Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a better solution?