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    Message Expiration criteria

    r_kumar Newbie

      Dear Jboss,

      I have the following questions regarding the message expiration ,

      * When does the message published to a Topic gets removed when the Topic has no subscribers ?

      If the message expiration depends on the "time to live " (when there are no subscribers registered to the Topic) then assume the following case,

      "Consider a Topic for which there is no subscribers registered, then the messages published to this will not get acknowledged and they will be retained in the Topic until the message gets expired, but by default the time for expiry is infinity. So the messages will get retained in memory even though there are no subscribers registered."

      Would the JmsServer not cleanup the messages that are published to a Topic for which there are no subscriber registered or atleast not to maintain the messages in memory (because these messages are not going to get delivered to the subscribers registered subsequently) . Why at all does the JmsServer maintains these messages in the Topic itself ????

      Please let me know ur views on the same.