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    createTopicConnection with secured topic

    uuu Newbie

      I have secured my topic with SecurityConf.
      I try to publish some messages there from a session bean.
      I use createTopicConnection(user,password) because no-parameters createTopicConnection
      gives me an authentication error - it says I cannot addMessages to my topic although I mentioned write="true" in config.
      But createTopicConnection(user,password) gives me another unpleasant error

      "The login id has an assigned client id. That client id is already connected to the server!"

      I have 2 JBoss instances - my topic sits in the first one and there is also MDB subscribed to this topic in another.
      I use the same user for MDB and for my session bean publishing to topic. So I get the above error.
      Using different users helps poorly and this error very often arises when I restart the second instance(the one where MDB resides)
      Please help