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    jboss.xml in 3.2.0

    tatvamasi12 Newbie

      Guys, My application running exectly the way it would work in 2.4.8. Most of the custom things have been done in jboss.xml in ejb jar module for messaging bean and messaging queues. Some how jboss 3.2.0 is not reading that file seems like. It uses default jboss mechenism of redelivery of messages rather then read it from jboss.xml file and over ride with my cnfiguration. Any idea what wrong is there? the only diff. i found so far is meta-inf folder. It in upper case in whole jboss 3.2.0 structure and my ejb-jar has jboss.xml specified in meta-inf lower case I wonder if this is my problem as well as jboss's problem. any idea? please enlighten me guys.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          jboss.xml has changed quite a lot since 2.4

          Try searching for invoker-proxy-binding it has
          been discussed a lot in the past. Or alternatively
          look at the dtd in the docs folder.

          In future we want to avoid these kind of changes by
          automatically transforming old-configs to new versions
          with suitable defaults. It is not currently in place
          for jboss specific descriptors.