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    uuu Newbie

      I'm using DLQhandler along with my Message-driven bean.
      And I got the following problems:
      1) I have 2 JBoss instances - the topic sits in the first one and there is also MDB subscribed to this topic in another.
      So if MDB fails to process a message it sends it to dead letter queue.
      But that queue also resides on the 1st instance with my topic 'cause DLQHandler gets the queue connection
      from the same place as the connection to the topic my MDB is subscribed to.
      Is such an architecture reliable?
      Wouldn't it be better to have dead letter queue at the same instance as the MDB?
      2) I have secured my DLQ. And the only way to write to it is using unauthenticatedIdentity
      in jbossmq JAAS realm config, otherwise I get "Connection not authorized to 'addMessages' to DLQ" .
      That means anyone can write to the DLQ. Isn't it a security hole or I misunderstand something?
      Please help