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    How should I build this system?

    cbrautigam Newbie

      Hi all, I have a question in regards to how I should go about building my messaging system with JBoss.

      Essentially I have web server (tomcat) that needs to produce messages and then store them in a JBoss queue. Well the part I'm really struggling with and I can't find any documentation on this... is that on all the JMS examples I've seen the queue and the MDB(consumer) are running on the same instance of JBoss. Well that is fine and good, but the whole point of JMS as far as I understand it is to separate out your dependency of your message consumers from your actual queue, so that if the consumers fail you can still send messages to the queue, and your producer is unaffected by the failure. So how are people architecting this with JBoss? Do you have one instance of JBoss running and functioning solely as the queue, and have one or more additional instances running the MDBs for consumption of the messages? This idea seems somewhat complicated in that you have to have different configurations for different JBoss instances. I would like to keep all the JBoss instances the same configuration.

      Another idea I was thinking about is what if you define a queue and your MDBs on all the same JBoss instances, and then cluster them. Is JBoss smart enough to realize that since I have the same queue defined on multiple instances that I really only one globally accessible queue?

      The main issue I struggle with is I don't really understand how to set up a JMS system with JBoss so that I can isolate my queue from my consumer MDBs. If someone can answer that I will greatly appreciate it!