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    dynamically creating an destroying topics

    geejee Newbie

      I've been experimenten with dynamically creating and destroing of topics with the RMIAdapter. To a certain extend this all works fine.
      Creating atopic, publish and subscribe to it, is no problem.
      However, if I try to destroy the topic using the RMI adapter and the DestinationManager, this only works out ok if all of the subscribers have closed the connection. If there are still open subscriber connections an JMSException is thrown informing me that "The desitination is being used.".
      After this it is not possible (or so it seems) to recreate a topic with the same name without either restarting jboss or using the jmx-console.

      Can someone explain what exactly is happening here and how to solve the "dilemma" of destroying a topic that might have open connections?